Reverse Mortgages

Are you a veteran? If so, THANK YOU for your service. Now let us care for you, like you cared for us during your time of service. Find out more below about the VA Loan program and if it’s an option for you.

A Reverse Mortgage Let’s your Mortgage Lender Pay You Instead of You Paying the Lender!

Increase your cash flow by eliminating your monthly mortgage payment. Enjoy your retirement by
letting the equity in your home work for you.

You can receive your loan payments in four different ways:
1. A lump sum
2. Monthly payments
3. A line of credit
4. Combination of payments and line of credit

Requirements for a Reverse Mortgage Loan:
– Must be at least 62 years old
– The property must be your primary residence
– Must attend HUD counseling session to fully understand process

Plus side of a reverse mortgage includes the following:
– Provides you with more financial means to enjoy your retirement
– Funds to travel or remodel your home
– Does not impact your Medicare or Social Security benefits
– No monthly mortgage payment until the homeowner moves from the property or passes away.- 


Think a VA loan might be a good solution for you? Let’s find out!